The Perfect Tan (!)

Summer is FINALLY here!
Half and Half …..

It’s baking out there not to complain or anything but its humid and clammy…

How I wish a cool breeze would blow my way when I’m struggling down the streets of West Central bustling about with shopping bags, squeezing my way through unnecessary crowded streets, congested by slow pedestrians who are not actually shopping!


However I have noticed the frequent red/burnt or in other words, painfully tanned human beings hiding all types of agony behind tortoise-shell sunglasses!

I am very worried…..
Tans are very attractive but only when you’re not going to all crazy extents to get one, like for example frying your skin under the sun with no sun protection!!!
I just want to rub baby oil on some of the these ladies and ‘could be’ hot hunks ..well maybe not baby oil that might fry too right?
Ok maybe baby powder? no not even either hmmmmm
*she weeps in despair for her fellow sun exposed shopper*

Please tan carefully and stop making me worry…I know you have no idea I care or see you loool but please its distracts me when doing my day-to-day purchasing…
Try ok 🙂


Chris Breezy & Rhianna Subject finally closed?

…Came across Chris Brown’s new track Dueces, first thought was that he was talking about his past failed abusive relationship with Rhianna… 

Only he knows that, but what I was  thinking and have been thinking for a long time now, is that Chris Brown  has been constantly attacked in regards to this girlfriend battery incident between him and his ex.

In general I completely disagree and frown upon the thought of getting your point across in a relationship via physical abuse or abuse in any way shape or form.

The only thing that does disturb me is when other people who have no idea about the ins and outs of the relationship get involved and start openly giving their opinions on the former with no hard-core evidence to back their statements up.

Sometimes people get into relationships for the wrong reasons,


Insecurities: They feel another person can make them feel complete and secure and their life would be nothing without them.

Status:If they are seen with that person it’ll big them up in certain areas, either making them look more attractive, because if your with them then you must be or have some kind’ve pull because you are in fact with them!

Emotional Manipulation; When you are not complete but pride takes over and instead of completing and learning about yourself, you prey on insecure people to get into a relationship with, where you’ll seem more confident and self-assured to them because they don’t know any better and then the controlling begins in a form of making the person feel like if you are in control, everything will be better. Also by making the person feel like they can’t do things alone and need you there, and pinpointing their weaknesses to cover your own.

Side Effects Of Emotionally  Dysfunctional Families: When you’ve  only been exposed to the worst and have no idea of the best or at least reasonably healthy relationships. You attract unhealthy relationships. You regurgitate the worst of your dysfunctional experience and feel at home in these situations because it’s what you are used to.

The following are few but some of the most common factors of unhealthy relationships.


So now you kind’ve see where I’m coming from in regards to Chris and Rhi Rhi.

As we are not their best pals or homeboys, dawgie dawg daawgs or anything close we will never know . The scary part is how Rhianna seems to be crying wolf… in my opinion ….HOLD UP WAIT!…  I GOT BACK UP… I say this simply because, I noticed that after the incident, Chris fessed up and said how ‘apologetic‘ he was and how he knows what it could’ve rooted from, (his dad beating up his mum…see ‘SIDE EFFECTS OF EMOTIONALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES’).


There was actually a point when Rhianna was going to take him back but media attacked her and she “saw sense“. then some the new songs, this new HARDCORE RHI RHI  or in her words “RATED R” core blimey!

Then she kept picking at the open infected infested wounds like a vulture, at every attempt whilst Chris Brown gets refused visa to the UK and his album are knocked off shelves at HMV…

At least forgive and never forget and learn from the mistake that must’ve been a cause and effect kind’ve mistake, that happened because of a constant something.

Or maybe she could’ve been a vulnerable and a target of the former.

So everyone learns.

He apologised , He cried?!

Hmmm..Noone’ll say it so I will.

Think twice before you jump to conclusions.

I think Mr Brown has finally had enough , this tracks says a lot …

Music Artists Going Commercial?!

Is it me or has anyone noticed some artists are in some ways bending backwards to get the right numbers on their pay cheque…

To me music is extremely powerful because it orchestrates emotions and thoughts into sound, and because of this is can strike really deep into the soul of the listener.

I’ve always thought that since this is the case artists should be quite careful with what they put out knowing that they can bring up and drag down countless souls throught their artistical meduims.

I’ve aso noticed that commericiality in music has now got a distinctive sound to it and the music videos contain either futuristic elements, girls kissing, masonic symbols that to some just looks like regualr shapes and colours and hand signs and are usually about the party at the weekend, spending money on fast lifestyles and guys warning girls that they”ll be bad boyfriends then telling them to persue if they wish !

Ahahahah its crazy mehn!

“Think of the kids!” as that Simpsons character used to always yell!

What happens to the next generation, talentless, moral less and driven by nothing but partying and getting so drunk they go home with a random and possibly catch HIV or other sexual infections or get duffed up by a long gonner!

Artist’s & Celebrities should remember that “To whom much is given much is required” … When the stardom comes there is a platform that comes with it and people naturally look up to you, try to relate to you and in the end copy some of the things you do.

Think before you act and be a ROLE MODEL and stay true to yourself and dont bend over just to stay popular and increase the zeros on yourr pay cheque.

Authenticity is only valued by the few but the few are still going home with a “good sale”!

Some artists in my opinion who have gone down this road…



Dont hate me for pointing out the hidden obvious!

Fashion Contradictions…

The western world as broken as it is at this point in present history, still remains as influential both subliminally and openly in many ways.

Third world or developing countries (to be politically correct), still long to achieve the level of social “civilisation” (as on would call it) and worldly power that the western countries built around themselves. Coming from a western upbringing and having a third world ethnological culture embedded into my system from birth, I fail to understand the common contradictions that arise, unaddressed but firmly opinionated from those that raised me with dual ethics.

The up bringers themselves come from a time when housewives were the norm, men were the only breadwinners, children spoke only when spoken to, racism was still legal and Mary Quant hadn’t yet invented the mini PVC shift dress that was yet to influence Vivienne Westwood’s mini crini!

As a 2nd generation immigrant of Nigerian ethnicity, you grow up hearing mothers scorning the Western influence on their daughters wardrobe, with statements such as, “It’ only in this country where girls walk around with belts as tops and tops that scarcely cover their breasts “. Comments such as the above were regularly dismissed as one of those things that Nigerian mums say (either through elderly age, arrogance or ignorance). I gradually grew inquisitive and questioned other friends of relatively similar backgrounds, whether they same across the same annoyance classified as a fact instead of an opinion.

They concluded with an agreement.

Pondering deeply about this, as I do, everything… in detail!

I happened to be lounging with my mother in our living room, watching, as I’m sure you would correctly guess (yeah right) a Nigeria film, as you do lol! In the film the young girls were taking part in a traditional town dance competition, judged by the town elders, (a bunch of elderly men grinning and tapping their walking sticks in aesthetic approval). The young girls ranged from as young and unformed as 13 to about as formed and full figured as 24, wore *clears throat of mucus for a full disclosure*… A TWO PEICE!

Ok that wasn’t worth the throat clear…

Obui’s Dictionary:

Two Piece; n ;  A piece of cloth called Ankara tied around the bust, (like a boob tube but not a boob tube), and once again a piece of cloth tied around the waist just about covering the buttocks.

I hope you have a visual illustration in your imagination creative minds of this ‘two piece’. Please do. Now on top of that envision boobs and bums, full ones held up by theses two pieces, wobbling, shaking and arousing the elders!

I know right! Well I don’t know what your thinking but I’m thinking MAJOR contradiction!

In obvious shock after clear recognition of the semi nude scenes, I jolted out of the couch followed by an aggressive comeback to a long forgotten adjourned and unresolved (until this point) conclusion.

My mother obviously in complete shock and fuelled with absolute confusion glared at me with a vacancy in he eyes like that of a toddler.

“Mum, how come you used to cuss me for wearing shorter skirts, (*notice the use of the operative word shorter*) because I was born here (* the UK*) when those girls in the Nigerian film are wearing even shorter pieces of cloth! (*said in a rather sarcastic tone*). My mother in return jumped to her own defence although she knew and I could see in her eyes that she knew very well that I was right!

 “No, no it’s not!”, yeah that’s what she replied, “They’ve copied it all from here, that’s not how they dress back home.”.

So I said, “Ok… even though this film is a depiction of lifestyles and cultures in Nigeria and it’s directed by a Nigerian?” she dismissed me and went back to her film.

As angry as this made me feel I came to the conclusion that fashion and presentation culturally is as beauty is, also in the eye of the beholder. I noticed that ones background and ethnological culture is always put on a pedal stool when in another mans land and or shunned by the emigrating resident.

When a migrant migrates, a new persona and mannerism is adopted in order to fit in and synchronize well enough to benefit and be beneficial in an unknown territory. All he or she really has to treasure is their original ethnicity/culture/national customs, which they cannot prominently expose due to the unfamiliar nature of it, which may confuse and deconstruct a culture/ethnicity/nationality that is already structured and in sync with itself.

This also made me think of the tiny urban habitat that immigrants are usually grouped into. Then comes the 2nd generations which have to endure confusion, due to dual nationalities and cultural crashes which actually cause you to think about the depths of the former, and how much they actually determine your wellbeing, your understanding of self and surroundings.

Then you get cultural congestion where worlds collide and are rejected, accepted deconstructed and reconstructed into a kind’ve patchwork heritage, much like the 2nd generation immigrant children, who have try to learn, accept and adapt to their parents backgrounds whilst going through he same in the country they were born and till this day live in.

This is the journey….

What Triggers Your Thoughts>?

I’ve had the maddest kind of writers block , creativity block … EVERYTHING BLOCK!

I wanna know what your thinking ..

I feel like I’m better at answering questions debating and theorising…

Joan Didion…

Recently I bought a book.

The author as the title of this blog suggests is called Joan Didion.

The title of the book on the other hand is called ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’

I’ve have never in my entire life read the first chapter of a book and felt like crying, I mean proper sobbing.

I know I’m deeply in touch with my mind and heart but that there is what I call thought provoking literature.

I was on the train as it happens, and every now and then, well after every 6 or 7 sentences of shock I closed the book, glanced outside at the lanscapes of the countryside and held back salty tears and breathed deeply…

Yes passengers on the train stared hard, but I was too busy thinking about the written contexts of this book and what the hell I would’ve done if the circumstances she carefully depicted had happened to me….

Please find and read…

You may enjoy

The First Decision….

Hello World and Ahoy to the silent virtual onlookers , just passing by….

🙂 I have finally made the long overdue decision to start typing my thoughts, and to share them with the rest of the world that has access to the World Wide Web…

The Ocean Is Deep…

It has depths you may never see the bottom of, and so is the depths of my mind also similar…

It was a warm day today, with clear skies, buses zoomed past outside my house as I stared out of the window for a second…


Window seat..

Erykah Badu…

Listen to the lyrics…

Enjoy 🙂