Chris Breezy & Rhianna Subject finally closed?

…Came across Chris Brown’s new track Dueces, first thought was that he was talking about his past failed abusive relationship with Rhianna… 

Only he knows that, but what I was  thinking and have been thinking for a long time now, is that Chris Brown  has been constantly attacked in regards to this girlfriend battery incident between him and his ex.

In general I completely disagree and frown upon the thought of getting your point across in a relationship via physical abuse or abuse in any way shape or form.

The only thing that does disturb me is when other people who have no idea about the ins and outs of the relationship get involved and start openly giving their opinions on the former with no hard-core evidence to back their statements up.

Sometimes people get into relationships for the wrong reasons,


Insecurities: They feel another person can make them feel complete and secure and their life would be nothing without them.

Status:If they are seen with that person it’ll big them up in certain areas, either making them look more attractive, because if your with them then you must be or have some kind’ve pull because you are in fact with them!

Emotional Manipulation; When you are not complete but pride takes over and instead of completing and learning about yourself, you prey on insecure people to get into a relationship with, where you’ll seem more confident and self-assured to them because they don’t know any better and then the controlling begins in a form of making the person feel like if you are in control, everything will be better. Also by making the person feel like they can’t do things alone and need you there, and pinpointing their weaknesses to cover your own.

Side Effects Of Emotionally  Dysfunctional Families: When you’ve  only been exposed to the worst and have no idea of the best or at least reasonably healthy relationships. You attract unhealthy relationships. You regurgitate the worst of your dysfunctional experience and feel at home in these situations because it’s what you are used to.

The following are few but some of the most common factors of unhealthy relationships.


So now you kind’ve see where I’m coming from in regards to Chris and Rhi Rhi.

As we are not their best pals or homeboys, dawgie dawg daawgs or anything close we will never know . The scary part is how Rhianna seems to be crying wolf… in my opinion ….HOLD UP WAIT!…  I GOT BACK UP… I say this simply because, I noticed that after the incident, Chris fessed up and said how ‘apologetic‘ he was and how he knows what it could’ve rooted from, (his dad beating up his mum…see ‘SIDE EFFECTS OF EMOTIONALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES’).


There was actually a point when Rhianna was going to take him back but media attacked her and she “saw sense“. then some the new songs, this new HARDCORE RHI RHI  or in her words “RATED R” core blimey!

Then she kept picking at the open infected infested wounds like a vulture, at every attempt whilst Chris Brown gets refused visa to the UK and his album are knocked off shelves at HMV…

At least forgive and never forget and learn from the mistake that must’ve been a cause and effect kind’ve mistake, that happened because of a constant something.

Or maybe she could’ve been a vulnerable and a target of the former.

So everyone learns.

He apologised , He cried?!

Hmmm..Noone’ll say it so I will.

Think twice before you jump to conclusions.

I think Mr Brown has finally had enough , this tracks says a lot …


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