Music Artists Going Commercial?!

Is it me or has anyone noticed some artists are in some ways bending backwards to get the right numbers on their pay cheque…

To me music is extremely powerful because it orchestrates emotions and thoughts into sound, and because of this is can strike really deep into the soul of the listener.

I’ve always thought that since this is the case artists should be quite careful with what they put out knowing that they can bring up and drag down countless souls throught their artistical meduims.

I’ve aso noticed that commericiality in music has now got a distinctive sound to it and the music videos contain either futuristic elements, girls kissing, masonic symbols that to some just looks like regualr shapes and colours and hand signs and are usually about the party at the weekend, spending money on fast lifestyles and guys warning girls that they”ll be bad boyfriends then telling them to persue if they wish !

Ahahahah its crazy mehn!

“Think of the kids!” as that Simpsons character used to always yell!

What happens to the next generation, talentless, moral less and driven by nothing but partying and getting so drunk they go home with a random and possibly catch HIV or other sexual infections or get duffed up by a long gonner!

Artist’s & Celebrities should remember that “To whom much is given much is required” … When the stardom comes there is a platform that comes with it and people naturally look up to you, try to relate to you and in the end copy some of the things you do.

Think before you act and be a ROLE MODEL and stay true to yourself and dont bend over just to stay popular and increase the zeros on yourr pay cheque.

Authenticity is only valued by the few but the few are still going home with a “good sale”!

Some artists in my opinion who have gone down this road…



Dont hate me for pointing out the hidden obvious!


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