The Perfect Tan (!)

Summer is FINALLY here!
Half and Half …..

It’s baking out there not to complain or anything but its humid and clammy…

How I wish a cool breeze would blow my way when I’m struggling down the streets of West Central bustling about with shopping bags, squeezing my way through unnecessary crowded streets, congested by slow pedestrians who are not actually shopping!


However I have noticed the frequent red/burnt or in other words, painfully tanned human beings hiding all types of agony behind tortoise-shell sunglasses!

I am very worried…..
Tans are very attractive but only when you’re not going to all crazy extents to get one, like for example frying your skin under the sun with no sun protection!!!
I just want to rub baby oil on some of the these ladies and ‘could be’ hot hunks ..well maybe not baby oil that might fry too right?
Ok maybe baby powder? no not even either hmmmmm
*she weeps in despair for her fellow sun exposed shopper*

Please tan carefully and stop making me worry…I know you have no idea I care or see you loool but please its distracts me when doing my day-to-day purchasing…
Try ok 🙂


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