Alexander McQueen Resort 2011.Paris

After King McQueen’s Suicide in February,

Suspence about the brands longevity without Alexander came to a halt, when Sarah Burton was appointed by gucci Group, the new creative director at Alexander McQueen.

The brand being as comercial as it is, did indeed have the potential to sell and be as great as it has been even after the passing of the owner.

She had been the late designer’s right hand woman and in October directed his last unfinished collection presented during Paris fashion week.The 16 outfits were 80% finished at the time of McQueen’s death and under Burton a design team of five was able to complete the collection, which received critical acclaim.”  The Guardian.

 “The creation of modern beautifully crafted clothes was at the heart of Lee’s vision. I intend to stay true to his legacy.” proclaims Sarah.

Sarah has shown and prooven she has the McQueen factor with the Resort collection that effortlessly stays true but underlyingly updates his design DNA without losing his characteristics. Seing ahead of the runway into the future of the brand,Burton has minutely renovated the garments silhouette by lifting proportions, ascending the waist ‘taking some of the edge off of McQueen’s traditional silhouette. It worked spectacularly well with evening dresses that fell away beautifully from the torso’.

Theses are a few of my favourites , I particulary enjoy the whole kimono like effect with the obi belt,and  the gold plated armour like shoulders.




I could see silhouettes from the 30’s & 40’s …



Stunning Seashell nudes embroidered wtih white lace…


Grounded Greys…
















Starched Whites against Leather Tailored Pleated Black..

Whislt the paintbuckets of ravinshing crimson reds flowed down a revived Victorian dress, accompaniedwith delicate brush storkes of black.

And if you havent yet seen the last collection..

I present to you the late, Great Alenxander McQueen’s 16 peice collection…RTW2010




May your soul live on..

RIP..The Late Great King Alexander McQueen

p.s …i’m you number 1 fan looool !


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