Forreduci Clothing,Philosophy & Fashion..

Forreduci is a new urban high fashion clothing brand.

In my opinion the brand bridges the gap between urban street styles and luxury high fashion,  making it accessible for people who want to invest in luxury quality fashion at a price that suits their budget and meets their style needs.


The store opening on the 10th of October 2009, was a complete success with Uk Garage frontman Megaman of ‘So Solid’ group, who counted down and cut the ribbon prounouncing the long awaited grand opening of Forreduci clothing store on the Walworth Road in south London where it all began.

What I love most about Forreduci is that unlike regular high fashion designers, he has an actual understanding of the background of his audience. He knows what they want and supplies it to them.


As Fashion Theorists tell us our clothing choices are our idealized perceptions of ourselves; combining our true inner selves and the external influences.


People want to wear the latest but are searching for individuality,  a way to be different and distinctive…

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Usually in fashion the designers pick up on a trend that is starting up in the streets and comercialize it, handing back to its original group of distinctive people at a higher price, these people, who in actual fact invented the uniform as a social code.

“Clothing does a good deal more than simply clad the body for warmth, modesty or comfort. Codes of dress are technical devices whih articulate the relationship between a particular body and lived milueu, the space occupied by bodies and constituted by bodily actions. In other words clothes construct a personal habitus.”                            (Craik 1994)

 Uk artists such as Sway, Tinchy Stryder,Giggs, AStar, Lethal B and PDC too name but a few, have already jumped on board in full support of the brand,  and can relate to the drive towards sucess behind it.



















 This niche brand represents the real hustle, and the hustlers out there recognise that and invest in it. Unfiltered and as authentic as can be, Forreduci creates a brand for ‘the people’ the ‘underdogs‘ and the innercity youth who aspire for greatness and a fashion brands that actually gets this correct.

These are some of my favourites peices…




Words of Wisdom and philosophy for great achievements from the CEO @ Forreduci:

Store opening 10th October 2009

Forreduci Fashion Clothing: New Spring/Summer 2010 Collectionis available in stores now. The Online shop will be stocked on the 10th July.

Stay Trendy this Summer.


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