Goodmorning bloggers…

I can’t seem to get Diddy Dirty money’s new track out of my head .

I love Pdiddy’s buisness minded self, honeslty he’s always got new tricks up his sleeve and they always sell in one way or another.

Defo someone I’d like to meet and talk talks with .

I keep noticing theses new Malcolm McClaren’s in the fashion/music buisness I think he’d be happy to see how his genius is being taken on by others. It’s clever thinking , create a brand , use music to sell it and create bands, groups and clothing lines to characterize a certain type of person and then people will buy in to your brand!


The band consists of PDiddy (obviuosly) , Dawn Richards member of the platinum-selling girl group Danity and Kalenna.

Describing the teaming with Combs as “divine intervention,” Richard notes, “We mirror each other: perfectionists with a strong work ethic. We push and challenge each other.”

Kaleena, daughter of a rappers persued a career in singing but was told she was too dark and not skinny enough , so followed her fathers advice and stuck to songwriting , and has since written for artist such as Timbaland, Jill Scott and Bryan Cox to name but a few..

I personally like the new movement it’s catchy fun and my ears like the beat so its a YES from me …

I love it when people bend towards the unorthodox.. it’s brave and when it works its prooves that nothing is impossible.

There are no rules to music, and people who appreciate and understand music know what good music is.



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