Masses wait in line for the new iPhone 4g

Its crazy!

I’ve been shopping three times this week (as bad as that sounds it was for good reasons and at no point did i shop for self!) and everytime i pass an O2 store and the Apple store on Oxford Street I’m swamped by these vacantly hungry looking Appe geekazoids, who were too busy staring impatientlty into the store to move out of the way for passer bys!

According to news “More than 600 people brought Regent Street to a standstill this morning as they queued for up to 30 hours to get their hands on the new iPhone.”

I dont want to sound anti-technology, but its just a phone, and right now it’s not going anywhere.

In a few months time Apple are going to make and even better one and then what?

Get your hands on that too?

Wouldn’t be suprised..

Its really scary to be honest, but Apple know wht they’re doing the bloody geniuses! They’ve got you humans on lock & key!

But in all honesty I do want oen myself, but I’d prefer someone else got it for me lool!


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