Alicia Keys ‘Unthinkable’…Interracial couples

I love this song!

At first I thought OMG it’s another annoying love song from Ms Keys..

If you listen closely you get a deeper understading of what she could possibly be talking about…

The things that came to mind were,

1: A relationship that one person is more inclined on kicking off, than the other.

2: A relationship that one halfs family doesn’t condone.

3:Getting on with the relationship and getting married not caring what anyone has to see.




Just like that the video concludes and strikes deeeeeep!

Interacial relationships…


The subject as common as it is today it’s still a  kind’ve taboo topic!

Racial prejudice and bigotary on a sophisticated level, have raped the world over and over again and continues to walk off laughing in the face of civil rights, equal rights and racial equality activists!

Till this day there is still that awkwardness you get with people,when it comes to talking about or accepting this topic.

Here are some scenarios I’ve come across especially when it’s black and white couples:

1: Interracial couple walk by and old pensioner who grumbles at his/her disgust at the ‘sight’, stops in his/her tracks and turns  round staring in complete confusion at couple in the distance .

2:You’re a Nigerian (black) girl dating someone of English (white)background, your friends know your dating someone, but haven’t had the guts to ask. On a boozy night out they jump at the chance, as you awkwardly go into ambiguous details like, “Hes tall”, He’s from bermondsey”, “Hes dating me!” and they ask “What does he look like?” and you, in a totally blissful moment gaze in to the nothings and describe him, smiling so hard your jaw hurts…”He’s got dark hair and the brightest blue eyes, he skates and he loves Family guy”… Your friends look at each other, foreheads crinckled in confusion and blurt out “OMG your dating a white guy???!” you hang your head feeling a strange sense of shame for loving him.

3:A girlfriend of mine who was white was dating a black guy, who was also a friend of mine. The relationship was reckless and unstable and the girl ended up pregnant. Her mum was intimidated by the guy and didn’t want her to date him. I asked her one day how she felt about the fact she was pregnant and they may not stay together she said, “I might have to get an abortion but it’ll be cute having a little mixed race child with his brown skin and fluffly hair..”

4: Your parents finally meet your fiance, (shes British but of Somalian heritage)  for the first time. They have planned a big dinner with close family over. Dinner is soaked with awkward silence, with the background noise of knives and forks scratching plates. Conversation finally stabs the silence, the topic is Politics. Political correctness is openly discussed as jokes, and questions like, “Were your parents refugees in this country of just imigrants?” and “So did you have an awful upbringing in a council flat before you went to uni and who funded you?”








5: Group of white girls walk past an I C, while the white  girl in interracial couple grips partners hand tightly and the black guy grins as the girls giggle amongst themselvses wishing they had a ‘black hunk’ in their arms.














6: Group of 20 +year old black girls are walking down Oxford Circus, as a Interracial couple walk past.The guy is black the girl is white. The guys puts his head down whilst his girl looks at him sadly then looks at them.The group of black girls make angry suggestive comments and openly express their feelings of  insecurity and anger regarding the men of ‘their race’ being ‘snatched away’. Or anger about their achievements and beauty going to waste because they don’t want to marry outside thier race and theres no black guys left for them.








Back to the topic!


Talking about the subject has grown to tire me … honestly.

If people are in love leave them to fall deeper into it.

True love, true love I said, lasts forever, the hardest blow couldn’t shake it.Love transcends race, culture, disbalities and all other things the world claims to be barriers or restrictions in the case of love and marriage. 

The only things that confuses me are the constant catergorizations of  people into race stereotypes, and the stigmas and negetive connotations that follow .

If people come from the same economic or cultural backround for example , British 2nd generation children of both English and immigrant backgrounds. They grow up in the same communities and schools and see each other as classmates friends, and most of all human beings. Not black, white, brown, blue, orange or any other supposed ‘race’.

Race isn’t the issue here they relate because they have experienced the same paths of  life and in the end crossed roads and stayed intertwined.


You do get the people that are so propoganda and media driven,

 and have come from backgrounds where racial prejudice and bigortary is the norm.

Growing up with people of different races has helped them see past the ignorance of thier parents, but the psycological damage it has done to them it the issue.

The side effects of this is a nurse/doctor like characteristic, which causes you to want to better a situation.

Example: A women/man from the background as stated above, finds exactly what the parents have always talked about. He/she has found THE stereotype.

The stereotype was based on THIS new found person! lool

So instead of her/him acknowledging what she/he found out before, (that some men/women dont fall into the stereotype) she/he falls for the actual stereotype, and is completely defensive about these characteristics, and works extra shifts just to keep them satisfied whilst the STEREOTYPE puts a good show on in public, and waits till home time, or 1 on 1 time to emotionally abuse the other half. So the product of the racial prejudice background creates and open but ignorant percepion of other races. The person is also unconsciously trying to proove a point to themselves, the wrong way. Trying to draw blood from a stone basically.

The media driven group have just watched tooo much tv, and the media is full of subliminal propogandas and stereotypes . When you watch television there are so many things you take in that you don’t realise even from childhood.

Example 1: Disney characters…close your eyes and watch a disney film and you hear voices, the voices are the stereotypical voices of people of different races.

Example 2: Adverts are ways to draw people into wanting products that they don’t need just to benefit the supplier who will profit from it all finacially.

They create a certain image and people desire to achieve this not knowing most of it is Photoshopped and ‘graffically perfected’. Not everyone knows this !

Also the media is for the majority in any country, so in the Western world, if you happen to fall into one of the minority groups ie:


fuller figured,



ethnic minorities,

to name a few. The media is not for you, it does not and will not try to encourage anything that is for you because you aren’t the main concern, because the majority overules, simply because they are the majority.

That’s how it works and thats how they profit. However if they do use minorities in the media they are usually the ones that look closest to there idea of Western beauty.


Example 3: Sterotypes;

Asian/middleeastern men… mathmatical, buisness minded, illiterate,nail manicurists,evil bombers,supergeeks, asexual martial artists, jokers , newsagent store owners and princes..

 African/African American/’Black’ British  men… extremely muscular all brawns no brains,  rappers, animalistic,slow, ghetto born, drunkards, religious, irresponsible , carefree, angry men and gangsters…

European & Mediterranian men: Chefs,lovers, engineers,Cheese eating,bread and olive eaters, speghetti bolognese regulars, Uzo drinkers, Plates smashers, Umpa dancers, wrist twisting humourous fathers, gansters, womanisers.

South Americans: Poor, Sexually promiscous, savages, rainforest tree climbers,alchoholics, illiterate, lazywearing sombreros in the blazing sun day in day out.

North Americans: Nature lovers, tent habitual people, sun, earth, cattle worshippers, passive, childlike obedience.

‘White’ British /American men: intelligent, privallied, redneck, white trash, pompous, wealthy, educated, superior,police officers.

Jews:Greedy, Stingy, Hooked Nosed, Rabbis and other Holy people.

Arabs:bombers,villainous-cruel palace guards or greedy merchants, barbarics, mechete owners.

Ok so thats all the research I’m going to do on that part !

My point is that a stereotype is based on part fact, part assumtion, part fear and part ignorance. It’s usually one experience that leads someone to pressume that everyone they think looks similar to that person physically is the same as that one person.

However with the constant racial prejudice in the Western world, and portrayals of perfection through the media, minority groups are left with deep insecurity issues. Simply because there are no positive portrayals of themselves,


and the only ‘positive’  idealogies of perfection are of the majority.


So they think that that’s the right way to look, and try to compensate for this through things like;

 plastic surgery,

video girl outfits,

straighter hair,

bleaching cream,

fake tans,



perms to curl hair, 

protein shakes to build muscle,

fake hair to get that more European straighteness and texture,


 lip enhancement and augmentation

and many many more alternatives to what they actually are.

This insecurity makes them uncomfortable with themselves so they opt or a ‘better life’ with someone who looks similar to what they see on tv, making the illusion of satisfaction complete for them as they mirror a lifestlye they once saw on tv.

Dating out of your race wont save you from your insecurity, don’t use people to make yourself feel better and don’t try to be something that you are not. Being around or in a relationship with someone you think has ‘the right type’ of look, is one of the most foolish mistakes one can make. You will never be satisffied until you figure out who you are. Looks are also decieving and these looks that you think are perfect are only an idealisation of perfection for the majority. Don’t feel ugly just feel like a unique individual.


Relationships: If you are at one with yourself and have confidence in who you are, and want you want in someone else, you are ready to date…

Dont be ignorant, dont just date someone because of a myth about people of their race look. This will only please you aesthetically, these are  and myths and superficial ideologies. If you dont know his/her upbringing and associassional mates you’ll never know him/her deeply enough, and you’ll never know the real them when they’ll just be placed on your  race pedalstool.

No race is better we are all equal as human beings, people who dream of or claim superiority are indeed insecure of their race and in fear of a “possible battle of the races” where the supposed “opponent triumphs” over them, theses are deluded dreams.

When it comes to interracial dating don’t be ignorant, REMEMBER.. you and your date will always have your ethnicities and background cultures, resepect that and expect to gain that respect off who you are dating.

If you are in a positive relationship (still interracial),forget about everyone and anyone who is only good for nothing but yelling about negetive connotations to you about your partners race. You know your partner.

Love is the key but last but not least…

Teach your children about both or how ever many, ethnic backgrounds that are in there DNA.This will make the world a less confused and ignorant place and give them a deeper understanding of who they actually are.

Time is the ultimate Teller… Time exposes true identities, true relationships and true characteristics…Let time do the talking …

Human Beings Are Very Valuable Creations. Have Some Self Value So You”ll Know How To Value Others, Treat Others How You’d Like To Be Treated & Most Of All LOVE !!! Experience it… and Share It! It’s Freeeee!:D

So here the video again watch enjoy…


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