…Jokes….Tears and Realisation…

Ok so this story is quite a strange story , well its not strange its just a bit random lool!

You also have to promise not to laugh, but everything happens for a reason as you’ll realise at the end of this blog post!


Ok so last night, I sat in bed …

I picked up my daily bread and read it …

I’m not gonna try and front because I’m Christian, and say “Oh I was blesssssed and heavens floodgates poured out all over me!”

Nah not even, I didnt get it not because it wasn’t factual but because I was itching for something , to quench the thirst in my life, and at that point it weren’t wetting my spirit…

So I picked up this book I’m reading called

“Be angry but don’t blow it”

looool bet that gave you an insight into my walk!


Great book, (yeah…I’m on page 11, and I read fast… :()

But not for that moment in time…

So I picked up my Bible…

I had my iPod playing out loud on my speakers in the backgroud and it was on the ‘On the Go’ list , on shuffle..<<<I love the way i just built up momentum there, I’m getting scared and I’m the one typing..and I know the story! What is this!?


Ok so yeah I decided to take a trip down Roman Lane .

I started at Romans 1 again reading the footnotes and the verses and that…


*does tearing sound*

I tore the top of the page!!!!!

I gasped for air, in total shock…

And then I felt my lips pouting and my eyes swelling?

could it be …?!.

I sobbed for like 2 seconds ..

I know…right now Christians aswell as non believers might think I’m some stupid emotional fragile woos!

Don’t care let me finish my story…

Then I asked my self… “Why are you crying?”

and I just clocked over all over again…

(I’m gonna tell you it,in the stages of thought as it was in my head )

(Song playing at that moment in time.. Agnus Dei by Donnie Mcclurkin)

1:I’ve never torn my Bible before…

2:I really love my Bible…

3:This is the Bible that my dad got me on my birthday

4:This is the same Bible I begged for for years , one that has maps, notes, charts,character profiles, timelines, theology scripts and everythinggg..

5:This is the Bible I began to take my walk seriously with

6:This is the Bible that I quote from confidently

7:This is the Bible that gave me life

8:If my Bible is torn and I loose some words…no what would happen if one day my Bible was confiscated? like by law?

9:I am nothing without my Bible…

10:I am nothing without God….


Its funny because I knew this…

Yeah I knew this but I forgot I think.

Being human is quite annoying, your Id always gets the better of you because it’s uncontrollable, and it’s desires are always beyond belief. But as the bible says  Jeremiah 17 v9-10 “The human heart is the most decietful of all things, and desperatley wicked.Who really knows how bad it is? But I the Lord searches all hearts and examin secret motives. i give all people their due rewards, according to what their actions deserve.”

Then I started to think about my place on earth my purpose and my plaforms.

Check this first and then I’ll explain myself…

Romans 1 v17-32

(You can read it yourself but I’m going to type it up for clarity)

17:This Good News tells us how God makes us right in hs sight.This accomplished from start to finish by faith. As the Scripture says, “It is through faith that a righteous person has life”

Meaning its only through faith, and our trust in Christ that we are right with God… believing in the freedom Christ brings, and the forgiveness through the sheading of His blood on the cross. Anything we’ve done has been forgiven and forgotten, and a chance to be right accoring to Gods standards is now available.

 18:But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who supress the truth by their wickedness. 19:They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them. 20: for ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuses for not knowing God.

Youch guys!! loool there you go, saved or not saved , and for the saved guys I hope this shows you something to reference back to if you witness to an athiest 🙂 Just take a look outside and ask yourself who and how the earth itself was created. The fact that it is the only planet with living beings, oxygen water and land, evergrowing and that, and if its due to your ‘evolution’ then why are the other planets not ‘evolving’?…

21:Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused. 22:Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools. 23: and instead of worshipping the glorious, ever living God, they worshipped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles.

Ahahahaha I think this might just be a one man joke..

This was MEEEEEEEEEEE guys! Some any scientific know it all goon that thought they had all the answers to query the very exsistence of God?! Huuuh Waaat! Yes! Me ! Believe it please . I was a Hippie, a Buddhist, a punk, an emo, a Skinhead and anything else i could test out! I used to chant the locust chant “Namyur rekucher”. This apparently was supposed to calm me down and help me think positively and straight and when I feel like lashing out I was to do this…? Like counting to 10!

I belived in peace and love and understanding , I hated rules and I never ever understood the reason for Christ I used to say “He just makes it so difficult like why cant we just pray to God?” I used to say “If God created the world why is this and why is that?” and I never acutally sat down and read the Word of God?! I know how does that work ..where was my opinion formed from loool?! 

I was a crazy evolutionsists with so called theorys!


I invented my own God who done things my way and no this wasn’t the Arc of Covenant God wasn’t hovering between no cherubims loool….


I was always a top student always got good grades from primary school I used to get 6a’s like the topest of the possible grade and I never even tried hard loool, even when I got kicked out of school and put in center , missed months of schooling, I did my GCSE’s and got A’s and B’s and C’s. I went through college barely going in and got nice marks to go uni with.

I got abit too big for my boots and thought because ‘I made it this far‘ I must be as dumb as the wisest man!


Went to a lot of church services in my life and had been performing on stage since I was 5 infront of large Christian audiences.

God was using me even though I wasn’t really in line with him, this also relates back to Paul… 


I was a Christian on sundays and when it was relevant.

Noone knew what I was getting up to behind closed doors .

So when I started searching during my college days I had a Bible study mentor who used to really put up with me and teach me but as stuborn as I was and hard hearted I used to say things like “But we all make mistakes and noones perfect” there was an excuse for everything…

Watch this video …”Almost saved” by P4CM..

This is what my life as like…

The last part of this verse in Romans said…

24:”So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other’s bodies. 25: They traded the truth about God for a lie. so they worshipped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen. ..28:since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God , he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done.29:Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarelling, deception, malicious behaviour and gossip.30: they are backstabbers, haters of God, insolent, proud, and boastful.They invent new ways of sining, and they disobey their parents.31:They refuse to understand, break their promises, are heartless and have no mercy. 32:They know God’s justice requires that those who do theses things deserved to die, yet they do them anyway. Worse yet, they encourage others to do them too.

Again that was me…Sinning and doing it with such guilt but the  more I did it the less I cared, because I thought God would understand. What people don’t understand when it comes to sin is that, sin is everything that God hates, and the standards for sin belong to God we can’t just start trying to decide what we think is and isn’t a sin when we didn’t create ourselves. People who do that are not living according to the ways of God’s righteousness, they have chosen to do their own thing and because God sees their hearts as the Scripture says, he knows when they’ve gone to far with their hardened hearts and abandons them to think the way they think, and allows them to convince them selves they aren’t doing anything bad. 

I was a proper Prodigal daughter boi!!

If your not clear about this go to Luke 16 v11-32

 I came across this scripture… in Romans loool (again) and I laughed at the raw truth and sarcasim and stopped in silence to a realisation which I had not yet.

Romans 3 v10-22…

10:As the Scripture says, Noone is righteous- not even one.11:Noone is truly wise; noone is seeking God.12:All have turned away; all have become useless. noone does good not a sinlge one. 13:Their talk is foul, like the stench from and open grave. Their tongues are filled with lies. Snake venom drips from their lips.14: Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness. 15:They rush to commit murder.16: Destruction and misery always follow them. 17:They don’t know where to find peace.18:They have no fear of God at all.”


watch the sarcasim loooooool!!! 😀

19: OBVIOUSLY,the law applies to those to whom it was given, for it’s purpose is to keep people from having excuses and to show that the entire world is guilty before God. 20:for no one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands, the law simply shows us how sinful we are. 

 In my Bible I noted, Yearn to be more like Jesus, put away anything that proves otherwise. Appreciate God’s love…boi forever imperfect, God must really love us ! :S

21:But now God has shown us a way to be made right with him without keeping the requirements of the law, as was promised in the writings of Moses and the prophets long ago. 22: We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are.

Note to self: Thankyou Jesus!

 So because of Jesus Christ I am now the following.


























Ok so you probably think Okay where she going with this shes so weird..


I was convicted….Christians and non believers love to hear that you know lool they seem to like to amplifiy other peoples wrongs.

But God is good and works for a purpose..so its all good..

So…this is my blog rightt?


This is my platform yes?

Yes Obui whats the point?

Let’s look back at Paul

Paul was an articulate, sensitive, fierce and intense know it all, when he met Christ and became saved the only difference changed was that he channeled all this energy through teaching the gospel.

I started this blog in June I think …

The reason for my blog as the first part says is..

June 2010

The First Desicion…

I have finally made the long overdue decision to start typing my thoughts, and to share them with the rest of the world that has access to the World Wide Web…

The Ocean Is Deep…

It has depths you may never see the bottom of, and so is the depths of my mind also similar…


I forgot to use my platform….:S

“Hello Obui you there? Hellloooo? Erm i heard you had something to tell us? something we needed to know.. ? no? When you’re ready then? Erm..Okay bye?”

And for a long time I’ve had writers block… and realised that I’ve slyly been misusing this platform. Like Paul he channeled his passions and characteristics through Christ like things and teaching the Gospel.

To be honest and logical if Paul didnt go to Rome, then the Bible couldv’e taken a little longer to get to Britain, as if you read history you’d know the Romans invaded Britain and took over and had the English as slaves, teaching the people the ‘new way’ which was infact ‘Christian’… in their own way mind you loool.

So where does this leave me as a Christian, who is supposed to go out into the world and spread the good news??

This would mean I would use this blog to communicate the Gospel to those who have misunderstood *YAYS* 😀 as I once was in that postion… 😦

The funny thing is, as I’m sure I now sound obsessesed with Paul but..another thing Paul said that I totally agree with and am feeling these days is this…

Phillipians 1:21-24For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. But if I love, I can do more fruitful work for Christ. So I really don’t know which is better. I’m torn between two desires; I long to go and be with Christ, which would be far better for me. but for your sakes, it is better that I continue to live”

The Bible does says that “Teach and counsel each other with the wisdom he gives” and “Whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus giving thanks through him to God the Father”

This does tend to leave me feeling like this….

So now on my blog its gonna be.. as Brandon and Armor say …

 “Straight Gospel no positive gas!”

Its all good talking about things that are uplifting and teaching people about things they don’t know but what is the point of that knowledge when there are people who don’t even know Christ?

The Gopsel is positivity in itself!

The Gospel is Life! everlating!



As most Christians do to proove they are ‘righteous’ .I’ll leave every trace of my past there or whatevers left of it…That way you’ll be able to see the difference and see the Jesus I represent, like Paul.. his story was told from the begining of him not just from his time as an Apostle.

Repping Christ to the fullest in anyway possible, no apologies guys!




I started thinking …well started a while back to think about Facebook

Why we use it and how we’ve acted when we’ve used it and what it’s main aims are..

Not the aims they tell us but the aims they DO NOT tell us…


At one point in time everyone who has made a profile page on Facebook HAS become addicted.

I use the term lightly but heavily at the same time and I’ll list some examples so you can decide whether you’ve fallen into some of these categories..

1:Log on first thing in the morning to check if anyones messaged you added you, tagged you in a pciture or commented on your wall.

2:Stay logged on wherever you go (especially on your phone) ..just incase of the above. Getting Facebook app on your phone, so you can take Facebook with you wherever you go.

3:Supossed to do an assignment but you check your Facebook first just to be ‘socially up to date’ whatever that means on the INTERNET<!.

4: Nothing is actually going on on your Facebook page/profile so you scroll through your home page to see what your ‘friends‘ are up to like a nosey neighbour, instead of just logging off and getting on with something more important.

5:Appearing online, because there is that possibility that someone out of your very few or very many friends, may want to talk to you even after hours of being online and noone has started a conversation..*sad face*.

6:You’re always quick to reply a message or status update or comment on a picture and are usually the first to reply !

7: Everywhere you go and in everything you do Facebook is on your toungue.
Its the first and the last thing you speak about, whether it be about who was doing what, who said what, or what you may have sussed out by snooping on so so and so’s page..

8: You’re always logged on at early hours of the morning Ie: 4am, randomly updating your status every second on stupid things like , “I just walked in and I’m hungry” and “Just putting the toilet seat down

9: Buying gifts on Facebook when its a friends birthday!!!! like why on earth are you spending money virtually on nothings? You’re paying Facebook to give you gifts you can see and not touch?? Like fake shopping or window shopping if you like except you’ve given them  REAL money and got nothing tangible in return…?!< yeah I know! maddd?

Ask youself why you have an account with Facebook and why they are dealing with your money….


The strange stalkerish feeling that overcomes you, that you tend to excuse for CHECKING UP ON  ‘friends’…


Examples of Facebook Stalking and Facebook Stalkers:

a: You’re on your home page , you click on a friends name and scroll through their page, then to their pictures and go through every album, (you are alone at home).

b:That guy/girl you take a fancy to… you add them, even though you don’t actually talk to them in real life/reality, from there on you begin aimlessly parolling their profile page and checking to see who writes on it, what kind of things they say on their Status updates and what they get up to in their pics.

c: You comment on your friend’s (or usually your new friend or someone you haven’t written to or tagged or poked in a while) 75th profile picture, this is clear evidence that you have been ‘flicking’ through their pics silently but was urged to click ‘Like’ and then got caught out that you were indeed picture stalking!

d: You’re having a wall to wall with your friend (John Smith>Rachel Brown Hey Rach! Remember yesterday at the pub!! Loving the sun! Good old British weather!) and LOW AND BEHOLD its long lost Tim from 9 months back who added you and never really spoke to you. Wait… now he’s commenting freely and comfortably on your wall post (Tim Brown-Noser: “Yeah, John! Great weather yesterday, man! Roll on the summer!! Woo!”).

Ok… nothing wrong with that he’s just being friendly. Of course, without a doubt, throughout the day Tim imposes himself on every detail of your Facebook life; commenting on every unsuspecting facebook status, relationship status, profile photo and the list goes on…

e.  You delete someone off Facebook (usually someone that you don’t really know or don’t really have a tangible facebook friendship with) but they constantly add you back after you repetitively ignore their frequent friend requests. This clearly shows that they are persistently checking up on your activites on Facebook .These people have forgotten the actual meaning of ‘checking up’ on someone they forget it comes with a conversation, a message, or maybe a phone text! *rolls eyes* When did checking up just mean making sure your on their Facebook friends list? Like a minder who doesn’t take care of the kids but calls watching Tv,whilst making sure they are in visual distance, minding?!




Definition: Coercive persuasion comprises social influences capable of producing substantial behavior, attitude and ideology change through the use of coercive tactics and persuasion, via interpersonal and group-based influences.

The ‘Like’ emoticon: I don’t know if you’ve noticed the little adverts/ notifications usually situated on the left hand side of the home page that have ‘Like’ emoticons that seem to entice you into clicking by telling you that ’14 of your friends also Like’ this random music genre/film/group/celebrity… an then your overcome by defensive thoughts like “I don’t care if so an so likes it doesn’t mean I have to!” and ” Why is Facebook trying to make me like it just because my friends do?” and “what the hell? Whats Facebook up to?” ..then you click it anyway loooooooool! We’ve all been there!

Event attendance/Group joining: Then like the above there’s the event and group suggestions that remind you that a few of your friends are attending or like that certain group as if to say, if they reminded you that you may just like it too… accidentally forgetting that every individual has a mind of their own and can make choices on their own…and not everyone is a follower…<<

Friends suggestions:  Like one of those annoying mothers, aunties, fathers and uncles, who think they know what your friends are thinking and they know what is best in a generation wayyy away from their own :S , Facebook has begun to ‘ENCORAGE’ people to add people as so called ‘friends‘ even though they don’t know them or wouldn’t ever do so in reality. Then the cheekiest part of it is that your reminded that ‘YOU MAY KNOW THEM’ ..The thing I wonder and think to myself is that if I really wanted to find them I’m sure I’d just type them in the search box. If I really wanted to communicate with them I’d ring them, text them and if I have no credit, then I may result in typing their name in THEN add them to my actual friends list which I’m hoping is full of people I actually know/have met, and not some random stalker, peodophile or murderer,  hiding behind a pic of a celebrity or event flyer…

Unrequested opinion/comment:  I don’t know if you have noticed the little unnotified changes on your Facebook page, such as the new openess to COMMENT and LIKE a wall post, that had absolutely NOTHING  TO DO WITH YOU, neither at any point were you invited into the conversation, but the new ‘Comment‘ space left open to you with your picture beside it, just seemed to entice you and draw you into voiceing your unnessacary uncalled for opinion…

We wouldn’t do this on a train/bus/at work? We wouldn’t usually get involved with someones conversation without permission?

Again…we’ve all been there its the comfortability Facebook offers us to become THE Facebook patrollers and CCTV of our friends and their friends’  buisness.




 Since when did Facebook the internet site become an emotional being with feelings and questions about feelings,causing the emotionally enclined to express without ‘pressure’….

Facebook and it’s questions…

Facebook: “What’s on your mind?” 

Im sure you’ve forgotten the days when Facebook used to ask..

Person 1 Insecure: “Hey just got my Blackberry this is my BB kmhp987 feel free to add me whoever you are, I accept everyone and anyone

(and I really NEED a chat I’m LONELY)

Person 2 Angry: ” Thanks all my haters, thanks for being my haters you make my life feel so good and I’m becoming even more better with you, Keep hating Mother F******!!!

(You make me CRY AT NIGHT but I’ll ACT like you dont so you’ll feel to dumb to continue , you TEAR UP my self esteem)

Person 3 Ignorant:OMG I’m in love with overseas countries..the shopping is amazing , but I prefer London to United kingdom

(I have NEVER been out of the country LET ALONE overseas, but I steal pics from google to make it LOOK  LIKE I’ve been places I KNOW NOTHING about, I have to KEEP UP this glamorous FACADE)

Person 4  Cyberthug : ” If my name comes out of anyones mouth I will personally FORCEFULLY introduce you to my FIST bravvv, that’ll be your new friend from now truuusss, so I dare you to keep talking ..DUN KNOW

(If i ACT tough on Facebook HOPEFULLY it’ll DETER people from ACTUALLY APPROACHING ME in reality)

 Person 5 Pretender/Profile pic/ updater: ” We had a fabulous time at the ritz this weekend !! OMG those HOT guys don’t even ask LMAO!”

(Everyone SEEMS TO have had a blast this weekend, well their PROFILE PICS say so, maybe if I UPDATE these pics I FOUND ON GOOGLE of the Ritz hotel, so THEY WONT KNOW I was cuddling up on my sofa ALONE with Pot Noodle and Britains Got Talent.)

Person6 : Apparent Facebook devout religious person: ” God is Good if you believe this and you’re not ashamed to say, post this on wall and God’ll bless you!!!

(As far as people on my Facebook know I’m a DEVOUT RELIGIOUS FOLLOWER, well apart from that MURDER LAST WEEK..the ACCIDENTAL ARMED BANK ROBBERY and the three pidgeons I SHOT OFF my balcony a few minutes back! Hmmm well I’m safe behind Facebook aye!)




 For all those weaklings that are afraid to do or say anything face to face that reallly need to get a grip on life looooooooool!

Like Youtube: The Cyberbully’s Playground hiding behind a computer screen and attacking any random virtual passer-by, just for acting-tough’s sake; voicing a violent and abusive point of view that NOBODY asked for  !!! Who are you guys??

Like, for real man, whatttup?



I study Fashion promotion so I’ve learnt what types of magazine publicatons are being made and sold, the audiences and the reason for the content of the publication.

Types of magazines:

Periodicals, Glossies and Serials

Publishing schedules:

Weekly: OK magazine, Now magazine

Monthly: Dazed & Confused, I;D, Vogue

Bi Annualy: GQ, Fantastic Man.

 Fashion glossy magazines are a place where, celebrity and pop culture merge. Discussing their business, what they wore last , advice about high street fashion that the readers can afford, which is a cheaper a or more affordable if you like, version of high fashion clothing ..so people who lack decent role models, can copy, ‘imitate’ and buy into, if you like the celebrity way of life, through a long list of materialistic options, which usually includes, spending, sexing, makeup, surgery, fashion, agony aunt’s advice on guys..and so on…or more specifically, a constant update of information to download into your mindsets, which creates increasingly lustful desires for things you cannot do, get, make, or afford! This will obviously keep the editors pockets full while you continue to buy into their pages of deceit, and become more and more conditioned into a way of life for you best suited by them…

Read this link and find out more:



What this online, 25/8 personally updated, glossy gossip mag about yourself and friends, does is create a  faux celebrity-like mindset which rapidly lifts up and harshly drags people down from self-appointed virtual pedestals where they are worshipped by ‘friends’, ‘fans’ and ‘stalkers’ alike.

 Think about it though – is there any distinctive difference? Except that  you fill in all the nosey details for the world to see and applaud and, after a while, mock?










A lot of people who tend to be extremely insecure within themselves – (although everybody has their insecurties) – use a defense mechanism to make them feel better about themselves. Like picking at others faults in an attempt to minimize their own. Facebook only encourages this with the tagging of pics that show who’s been doing what and where, and what they were wearing when they were doing whatever they were doing wherever they were doing it!!

 You’ll hear things like, ” OMG, did she really wear that with those shoes?” or ” Why on earth is he posing like that in that pic; hes such a weirdo!” and so on and on forth…

…creating a real life day to day, glossy gossip magazine tv advertisement experience…

Like these:


Facebook has created a kind of Worldy order where everybody and anybody can be part of one whole virtual world where everybody is connected and exposed.


Facebook was launched in 2004 byMark Zuckerberg and so far Facebook has 500 + million users (figures dating  from July 2010), so that’s like the whole of North America’s citizens.

Everything we put in gets saved onto a data base (even after we ‘delete’ it), that is why they ask you in the terms&conditons (that they know we never read) if you mind your details and the information you insert being used by 3rd parties before you accept things.

If you don’t know what a 3rd party is , it’s is often used to refer to a person or entity who is not one of two involved in some relationship. It may refer to.

  • Third-party developer, hardware or software developer not directly tied to the primary product that a consumer is using
  • Third-party software component, software which can be used in conjunction with some software or hardware but is not associated with either the manufacturer or the user .

    So think about all the things you do and say on Facebook, all the people you tag in pictures and the pictures you’re tagged in. Read the apps before clicking confirm because they are usually the place where 3rd parties ask for your details in small print.

    Remember that everything you put in Facebook is kept on the database even if you delete it , it has been inserted into their database so it can disappear from your wall if you want it to but will always remains with them.



    They know exactly who you are and where you are because of everything you inserted innnocently in the beginning before you assumed anything.

    So all you criminals looooooool don’t commit any crimes because as you’ve seen or must’ve seen before on the news they go into people profiles to catch criminals and expose this on the news and say things like ..“They wrote various abusive messages to X XY stating they were going to ‘catch’ them as others clicked ‘Like’ in response to this..many of whom responded were also arrested and taken in for questioning about the murder of XXY. Thats all from me Nisha Pillai on BBC News goodnight”

    Welcome to the greatest show on earth…FACEBOOK! Where liars tell more lies, losers are now “CEO”s, enemies are cloaked as friends, every sinner is a saint, weak people are cyber thugs, haters complain about haters, every relationship is loving & secure, when really they’re …lonely…& insecure!!! Step right up people, you can be whatever and whoever you wanna be!!!”

    Think deeply about it don’t make any rash decisions, just be careful and think before you type or post of tag or use the site in general…

    The Facebook movie will be out soon and will show the begininng of the idea and how it came about .

    Check out the movie trailer below ..enjoy 😉