This Humid Weather! The Sun is a Star!! Supernoveas & Blackholes

“The Sun is shining the weather is cooooool”.. Bob Marley

Yeah of course !

I’m so hot I can’t focus, not to complain or anything, but I’m struggling to complete simple tasks!

Me and my neice just fell asleep on each other and awoke in confusion, because last time we looked we were watching tv?!

Recently scientists have captured fresh pictures of the sun and it’s activities. Slightly freaked me out .

This is what it looks like..

If you didn’t know the sun is actually just a star, a big burning ball of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon and neon.

Although it looks really redy orange its actually white, but from the earth (through the 4 layers of atmosphere that protect us from shooting stars and other things in space), it looks red because of the way the atmosphere is scattered .

I’ll show you a video of different types coloured flames ignited by different solvents, now the  sun is constantly ignited by hydrogen helium and oxygen…


This is a video of the Life Cycle of the Sun, Supernoveas and Blackholes


Anyway the point I was trying to make , well what I’ve been pondering on for ages now is….

If the sun is constantly burning and exploding very very slowly like a boiling pot, basically, and it keeps doing so until it expands, because of the pull of gravity and the implode explode of helium making the particles of the sun float out …

What the future of the earth?

And doesn’t anyone think our recent weather in Britain, has been the following; strange, humid and rainforest like, random , so hot I could faint and just not normal?

not like we get normal weather here but still..

Although the whole in the ozone layer caused by pollution and fuel emmisions, is slowly closing up, know one really knows the amounts of damage done to the Earth by the effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays.


Also did you know Cannabis, when grown in its natural habitat like on Asian mountain tops has something in it that protects it from these rays,the stronger the rays the more THC (  tetrahydrocannabinol ) and the stronger the buzz (obviously) causing hulucinations, *highs* and a disconnection from reallity.


So yeah its just really made me think …

How many other burning stars like the sun are there…

 (red dwarfs and white dwarfs)

How many other solar systems, galaxies..Who’s out there?

But for now while I bang my head on the wall about his subject I’ll listen to this song …