This Humid Weather! The Sun is a Star!! Supernoveas & Blackholes

“The Sun is shining the weather is cooooool”.. Bob Marley

Yeah of course !

I’m so hot I can’t focus, not to complain or anything, but I’m struggling to complete simple tasks!

Me and my neice just fell asleep on each other and awoke in confusion, because last time we looked we were watching tv?!

Recently scientists have captured fresh pictures of the sun and it’s activities. Slightly freaked me out .

This is what it looks like..

If you didn’t know the sun is actually just a star, a big burning ball of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon and neon.

Although it looks really redy orange its actually white, but from the earth (through the 4 layers of atmosphere that protect us from shooting stars and other things in space), it looks red because of the way the atmosphere is scattered .

I’ll show you a video of different types coloured flames ignited by different solvents, now the  sun is constantly ignited by hydrogen helium and oxygen…


This is a video of the Life Cycle of the Sun, Supernoveas and Blackholes


Anyway the point I was trying to make , well what I’ve been pondering on for ages now is….

If the sun is constantly burning and exploding very very slowly like a boiling pot, basically, and it keeps doing so until it expands, because of the pull of gravity and the implode explode of helium making the particles of the sun float out …

What the future of the earth?

And doesn’t anyone think our recent weather in Britain, has been the following; strange, humid and rainforest like, random , so hot I could faint and just not normal?

not like we get normal weather here but still..

Although the whole in the ozone layer caused by pollution and fuel emmisions, is slowly closing up, know one really knows the amounts of damage done to the Earth by the effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays.


Also did you know Cannabis, when grown in its natural habitat like on Asian mountain tops has something in it that protects it from these rays,the stronger the rays the more THC (  tetrahydrocannabinol ) and the stronger the buzz (obviously) causing hulucinations, *highs* and a disconnection from reallity.


So yeah its just really made me think …

How many other burning stars like the sun are there…

 (red dwarfs and white dwarfs)

How many other solar systems, galaxies..Who’s out there?

But for now while I bang my head on the wall about his subject I’ll listen to this song …



Forreduci Clothing,Philosophy & Fashion..

Forreduci is a new urban high fashion clothing brand.

In my opinion the brand bridges the gap between urban street styles and luxury high fashion,  making it accessible for people who want to invest in luxury quality fashion at a price that suits their budget and meets their style needs.


The store opening on the 10th of October 2009, was a complete success with Uk Garage frontman Megaman of ‘So Solid’ group, who counted down and cut the ribbon prounouncing the long awaited grand opening of Forreduci clothing store on the Walworth Road in south London where it all began.

What I love most about Forreduci is that unlike regular high fashion designers, he has an actual understanding of the background of his audience. He knows what they want and supplies it to them.


As Fashion Theorists tell us our clothing choices are our idealized perceptions of ourselves; combining our true inner selves and the external influences.


People want to wear the latest but are searching for individuality,  a way to be different and distinctive…

*Purchase Forreduci*


Usually in fashion the designers pick up on a trend that is starting up in the streets and comercialize it, handing back to its original group of distinctive people at a higher price, these people, who in actual fact invented the uniform as a social code.

“Clothing does a good deal more than simply clad the body for warmth, modesty or comfort. Codes of dress are technical devices whih articulate the relationship between a particular body and lived milueu, the space occupied by bodies and constituted by bodily actions. In other words clothes construct a personal habitus.”                            (Craik 1994)

 Uk artists such as Sway, Tinchy Stryder,Giggs, AStar, Lethal B and PDC too name but a few, have already jumped on board in full support of the brand,  and can relate to the drive towards sucess behind it.



















 This niche brand represents the real hustle, and the hustlers out there recognise that and invest in it. Unfiltered and as authentic as can be, Forreduci creates a brand for ‘the people’ the ‘underdogs‘ and the innercity youth who aspire for greatness and a fashion brands that actually gets this correct.

These are some of my favourites peices…




Words of Wisdom and philosophy for great achievements from the CEO @ Forreduci:

Store opening 10th October 2009

Forreduci Fashion Clothing: New Spring/Summer 2010 Collectionis available in stores now. The Online shop will be stocked on the 10th July.

Stay Trendy this Summer.

This Guy CRAAAAACKS me UP!! His take on Beyonces acting!

AfricanoBoiShow on Youtube

He makes me laugh I just love the way he’s eyes just jitter around when he goes into detail!

See the way he tried to sweeten up the truth about Beyonce!

Gotta love him man!


Lenny Kravitz & The Lucky Sons of Bitches!

 A random passer by, was drawn to a familiar sound whilst in New Orleans.

That passer by happened to be, Rock Pop and RnB sensation.


Lenny Kravitz!!!

*girls scream and faint, piling over on unconscious loads of body *

Kravitz went down and joined the Voice Of Praise Choir New Orleans aka “The Lucky Sons Of Bitches” for a truely memorable remix live performance of his hit song “Fly Away”.

Watch the video honestly you ‘ll be grinning like an idiot wishing you were there!

 Don’t be jealous just be envious! loool.

Wale “Diary”

I quite like Wale to be honest, he crept up featuring with artists such as Lady Gaga and Daniel Merryweather. He showed he was good and he allowed his background culture to filter into his music.

I just heard this track by him and I was taken aback.

1:Because I’ve been in this position before

2: There are soo many other girls who have that fit into that catergory

3:Because of that catergory people run from these girls or even manipulate them

4:The stereotype has instilled fear into the oposite sex of there own kind.






You only REALLY understand, when it happens to YOU!

Wooooow !

I’m still annoyed right now about something that happend to me yesterday evening.

I’m annoyed because the problem hasn’t yet been resolved.


Around 5pm…

On the 453 ending my styling shopping …

Hot, bothered, clammy, compact  like tuna in a tin, on a bendy bus, with heavy bags that I’ve holsted onto my aching lap, because I’m polite and I move my bags for people to use seats !

My headphones are at the bottom of one of my bags and I can barely move … frustrated!

I reach into my handbag to read my novel “The Famished Road … by Ben Okri..

Now I’m semi comfortable!

The journey continues in semi comfort and semi discomfort, my stop approaches as I plan ahead about how I’ m actualy going to get off the bus, how I’m going to get my bags out, and whether the guy next to me has to be alerted or whether he has common sene to move as I could see him looking at me fidget from the corner of his eye!

The stops is here!

I get up bustling and apologising my way off the bus…

Only to find that one of my bags seems to be stuck to my cardigan pocket…?

Confused Agitated.. I drop my bags and notice a stretchy creamy white elasticy substance ajoining my cardigan and shopping bag!



I wanted to cry and everyone was looking at me awkwardly!

I left it there…


Do you really think I was going to pick it off with my fingers whilst its still warm and stuff and stuf and stuff?! argh!

So as emotionally withdrawn at the time as I was I blanked out everyone on the street and in my view all I could see where buses that could take me home, the road and me.

I got onto another bus, there where no seats..

I stood at the wheelchair section ignored everyone and tried to read my book as the buses turned, jolted and stopped randomly, leaving me flying about in discomfort.

At this point I was trying to find solutions for the removal of this dreaded substance!

I remebered 4 years ago in college when a teacher was saying that “If you get chewing gum on your clothes, put it in the freezer so it goes hard and then pick it of the next day”









sorted just to get home!

I get off the bus at the station and put my shopping on the floor whilst openly expressing the agony I felt through my body via random awkward stretches.

I was the radared and approached by a man who could’ve been class mates with my dad, 

saying “I appreciate you, You know some people these days they dont keep their body in fit shape,Hey,I really appreciate you, I  love your shape & the way you carry yourself, you no its not only celebrities that can have fans I am also ur fan…”  He was askin 2 b friends even afta i openly acknowledged the fact that he was wearing a wedding band an asked how his wife would take our friendship..he concluded “Well shes in Africa right now”!!

I laughed my head off whilst he called me polite and thanked me for letting him have my time…

He didnt notice the chewing gum!

I finally reached home , I walked to avoid a long tormenting conversation with this man.

In doors now, I tore off the cardigan stared closely at the sticky gum at the rim of one of my favourite woolen fleeces, then fumbled it into the freezer!

This morning , well a few hours ago, I went to check on the frozen garment to see whether the hypothesis was indeed a proven theory.

I picked at the wool.

Barely budged

Held back the emotions, went into the fridge sliced some melon ate it,

carved out he seeds an planted them next to my mum’s pumpkins in the back garden…

and came back to the laptop to tell you about all I’ve have just typed.

This experience made me angry, annoyed, confused, gag and mostly question why people actually do certain things.

My mum always says “Why should you litter, when you don’t thrown things on the floor in your own home?”

Why DO people litter?

Is it because there is no mother on the streets to correct them and noone to nag if they do things they don’t usually do. It’s funny because in these situations other people reep from what a bunch of idiots sow!

As unfair as it is, as is life itself!

This also made me realise that you only really understand the depth of somebody else’s annoyance when you’ve experiencd it for yourself! 



and last of all

PLEASE TREAT THE EARTH AND WORLD AROUND YOU LIKE YOU WOULD YOUR BEDROOM…that is if you take pride in it and clean it and resepct it !


Alexander McQueen Resort 2011.Paris

After King McQueen’s Suicide in February,

Suspence about the brands longevity without Alexander came to a halt, when Sarah Burton was appointed by gucci Group, the new creative director at Alexander McQueen.

The brand being as comercial as it is, did indeed have the potential to sell and be as great as it has been even after the passing of the owner.

She had been the late designer’s right hand woman and in October directed his last unfinished collection presented during Paris fashion week.The 16 outfits were 80% finished at the time of McQueen’s death and under Burton a design team of five was able to complete the collection, which received critical acclaim.”  The Guardian.

 “The creation of modern beautifully crafted clothes was at the heart of Lee’s vision. I intend to stay true to his legacy.” proclaims Sarah.

Sarah has shown and prooven she has the McQueen factor with the Resort collection that effortlessly stays true but underlyingly updates his design DNA without losing his characteristics. Seing ahead of the runway into the future of the brand,Burton has minutely renovated the garments silhouette by lifting proportions, ascending the waist ‘taking some of the edge off of McQueen’s traditional silhouette. It worked spectacularly well with evening dresses that fell away beautifully from the torso’.

Theses are a few of my favourites , I particulary enjoy the whole kimono like effect with the obi belt,and  the gold plated armour like shoulders.




I could see silhouettes from the 30’s & 40’s …



Stunning Seashell nudes embroidered wtih white lace…


Grounded Greys…
















Starched Whites against Leather Tailored Pleated Black..

Whislt the paintbuckets of ravinshing crimson reds flowed down a revived Victorian dress, accompaniedwith delicate brush storkes of black.

And if you havent yet seen the last collection..

I present to you the late, Great Alenxander McQueen’s 16 peice collection…RTW2010




May your soul live on..

RIP..The Late Great King Alexander McQueen

p.s …i’m you number 1 fan looool !

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